Organic Living – for our Health and environment

Nature is our origin and source of our life and health


We are what we eat

are we eating chemicals

We all know healthy diet is a key for healthy life and whoever care about their diet consider nutrition balance.

However, that’s not enough these days. There are a lot of chemicals have been used in farming and food processing industry. Yes, we are consuming chemicals together with actual food and it’s not easy to avoid them.

Not many of us seriously think about it unless we get serious illness or desperate to cure the problems. I was one of them. 

*Even with “organic” food, it’s impossible to avoid all the chemicals because there is there are organic certified ones and depending on the country’s regulation there could be antibiotic splayed…




Our skin absorb what we apply on 

our skin is absorbing chemicals

We all enjoy the nice scent of skin and hair care products as much as the feel of it. But have you ever checked the ingredients lists of them? and did you notice how many ingredients can you identify what they are?

Unless you are chemist, probably you can not recognize most of them. That means there are so many chemicals and you are feeding them to your skin.

I was enjoying the conventional mass produced skincare and hair care products until I got problems. 

Yes, I saw dermatologist and got prescription and I used “Natural” products as well. But none of them worked for me. However, many of them contain synthetic/chemical ingredients like preservatives and fragrance surprisingly…

What did I do? With my friend’s advice, I started making my own soap. I did a lot research and study and started making my own products. It’s a lot of work but I was just sick and tired of looking for safe products for myself.



OUr life source is in the air, water and soil

any Contamination could be suicidal

In order to have healthy life, we need healthy life source which is an environment with clean air, water and soil. 

However, we are sacrificing our own health and life by contaminating our living environment.

Contaminated environment only can bring contaminated produce or nothing. How can we live and be healthy in the contaminated world?

In this busy world, we tend to give priority to quick, cheap and convenient choices. Plastic containers, furniture, electronics, clothing, almost everything around us became disposable…

Also, in this economy, money making business gets priority than safety…