About Organic Living

for our total Health & Happiness

Our life, health and happiness always relate to nature.

Because we are part of nature and nature is our life source. Nature has all the answers for what we seek for.

However, most of “Nature” in our world is contaminated in some chemicals and those chemicals are considered to be the cause of our illnesses. They are in soil, plants, animals, food, clothing, air… they are everywhere.

Nature is not really “Natural” any more and so called Natural products are not so “Natural” neither.

It is almost impossible to have chemical free life now a days but it is not too late to get or keep your health and happiness by choosing the life style to minimize the unnatural chemical consumption and Eco toxins.

That is the life style I call Organic Living.

Based on my experience, research, study and experiment, I’d like to offer whatever I can share and help to find healthy solution for whoever seeking for it.



  • Self awareness
  • Botanical, Natural, Organic (Non-GMO)
  • Caring, Helping, Sharing
  • Chemical & Cruelty Free
  • Comfort
  • Ecology & Economy (Reuse, Recycle and Upcycle )
  • Fairness
  • Handmade/Homemade
  • Holistic Treatments
  • Love and gratitude
  • Macrobiotics, Local Vegetable based diet
  • Natural Benefit & Healing
  • Simple & Basic Care 
  • Sustainable & Biodegradable


  • Spread the importance of chemical free, Green living 
  • Encourage and help people to have truly healthy life
  • Take Button  part of Ecology, Fair trade, and sustainability


About me

Skincare FORMULATOR, Painter, Crafter….

Born in a countryside in Japan. Surrounded by nature, farm, and big family: farmer, carpenter, designer, painter, hair stylist, herbalist, musician. Everyone does something related to creative and artistic work either professionally or as hobbies. We all try to fix old piece before getting new one. I saw what my family did and I learned many things from them in old fashioned way. Because my all grandparents are farmers, all family member works very hard and that’s normal to be farmers. That’s the roots of my personality and creativity.

I lived with my family until high school and move to Tokyo for university where I had  a lot of precious experiences not limited to studying and researching about economy and human rights but also meeting sophisticated people in that field. I was a part of a seminar to develop my researching skill and critical thinking related with UN and NGOs activities.

Working in mid-high to high end food industries, sales, credit, courier and marketing support companies helped me to improve my experiences in Tokyo as well.

After moved to Toronto, Canada,  I went through physical and mental problems including skin problems because of past abusive relationship and work condition. Which gave me the reason to rethink about how to be healthy and happy and how I like to live.

I have been very fortunate to have many friends who had helped me out in my difficult times. Some are actually very talented and skilled holistic therapists and healers and helped me dealing with side effects and withdrawal symptoms from the medications.

After getting off from all the medications I decided to share my experience and  and my method of Organic living.