Organic Living projects and info

~ Health and Eco Conscious Skin care ~

One of the essential for Organic Living. Focused on simple and minimum care with natural and organic ingredients.

Free from Synthetic preservatives, fragrance, GMO, PEG, SLS, Animal Cruelty.

In order to offer the best quality for the best price, every product is handmade by small batches and simply packaged in Biodegradable, recycled or recyclable material.

*Custom formulation is available upon request.

*Eco Discount will be offered for all Refilling orders.


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~ Painted Furniture ~

A tree can have a very long life. First as a living tree, second as a product(s). When it turned into a furniture, it could have even longer life. Especially with old craftsmen’s hard work, wooden furniture is very well made and durable. They are a lot different from modern disposable furniture. Don’t much with with your decor? Why not give them a new life with a new look? Bring back the aged beauty or give a completely new look. That’s the most Ecological and Economical way to go! 


HOme Cook

~ HEALTHY cooking from scratch ~

This is one of the most important part of organic living because you are what you eat!

The best food always comes from home kitchen. Healthy diet is the same. It’s always good to know how it’s made and what’s in it. You can always customize any dish according to requests and what’s available in season.

All the food are prepared with mainly organic and integrated pest managed produce.




~ Natural/reusable material work ~

 Made with natural materials. Some are made from recycled materials. Enjoy the uniqueness and the comfortless provided by nature.



conscious  Living

~ Local business links ~

These are the info and links for local business who will help you have organic living.



~ Greenie life ~

Nature always ease us and gives us peaceful moment. But with busy city lifestyle, we don’t have easy access to it unfortunately. Here is little solution for those people.


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